Harvest Tablescape

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favourite holidays (it’s second to Christmas for me)! My parents generally host our family plus my Aunt, Uncle and cousins for Thanksgiving, so the house is always full and the post-turkey food coma is real. Growing up, my Mom always took great pride in her holiday table decor, usually setting it up days in advance of the big meal. Why not enjoy your… View Post

Bringing the Spa Home

Anyone who knows me knows I have major love for the spa. I have my tried and true favourites in Vancouver, but I also love exploring the latest and greatest spas on vacation or when travelling. A visit to the spa is often the highlight of my trip! However, we all know that hitting the spa can require serious funds. With a facial costing upwards of $100 plus tip, this… View Post

Skin Care: Back to Basics

Skincare! I could seriously talk about it all day long. Honestly, if I could be anything, and time and money were no object, I would probably be a cosmetic dermatologist. My interest in skin and skincare was probably sparked by the fact my never ending quest to better my own skin. Since I can remember, I have struggled with acne. I can remember seeing a dermatologist for the first time… View Post

Spreading the Love

Valentine’s Day,  a holiday simultaneously loved and hated by so many. I must admit, I typically feel quite “meh” about Valentine’s Day; however, the Hallmark holiday has started to grow on me. I often hear people argue that Valentine’s Day is silly since “shouldn’t you show your love everyday?” I agree that making your loved ones feel appreciated everyday is important, but in today’s busy world lets be honest, how… View Post

Going Nuts for Nut Milk

I have been drinking almond milk for a while now, usually in my smoothies or coffee. I don’t follow a dairy-free diet but since I have been on a bit of a weight loss kick lately, I have swapped out my usual skim milk for almond milk. It is much lower in calories than regular skim milk  (especially if you get the unflavoured and unsweetened type). I had heard of… View Post