Bringing the Spa Home


Anyone who knows me knows I have major love for the spa. I have my tried and true favourites in Vancouver, but I also love exploring the latest and greatest spas on vacation or when travelling. A visit to the spa is often the highlight of my trip! However, we all know that hitting the spa can require serious funds. With a facial costing upwards of $100 plus tip, this treat isn’t something many people can indulge in on a weekly or even monthly basis.

Spa nights at home are a tradition I started at the ripe age of fourteen. I have fond memories of nights in with my best friend whipping up face masks using ingredients from the kitchen or hitting up the local drugstore for $1 hair masks. Although my beauty products have a come a long way since then, I still love nothing more than indulging in a night of at home pampering.

Everyone deserves a little R&R now and then, so I am excited to share my step by step guide to a perfect DIY spa night. One last tip – I recommend doing this in the evening so you can crawl into bed afterwards. There’s nothing worse than being in a spa-coma and then having to run errands or go to work.


Step 1. Run a bath. I’m a bath girl through and through. There’s something about sinking into a warm tub that instantly relaxes the mind and body. Add some scented bath salts or essential oils for some extra muscle and skin soothing action (I’m kind of obsessed with Saje’s Stress Release Tension Reducing Bath Salts). Make your bathroom your own personal spa space. Light some candles (my current fave is Vancouver Candle Co’s North Shore candle), turn the lights down low, put on your favourite playlist and make sure there are plush towels and a good book within reach. Oh, and a glass of vino never hurt anyone either!

Step 2. Exfoliate. While your bath is running, take a few minutes to dry brush or exfoliate your body using a grainy scrub. I like to scrub while my skin is dry then step into the bath to rinse off. I’m currently using¬†¬†Saje’s Sunshine Smoothie Body Scrub.

Step 3. Hair Mask. Wet your hair and massage a generous amount of a ultra-moisturizing conditioner into your scalp and strands. I like to leave my treatment mask in over-night and rinse it out in the morning for some intense hair repair. I love Davines Oi Conditioner for my fine but dry hair.

Step 4. Post-Bath Facial. Ensure you cleanse and exfoliate your face while you are in the tub. Now that your skin is nicely steamed and the pores are wide open apply a facial mask that is appropriate for you skin type. For some deep cleaning try Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores, or, for drier sensitive skin I like Skoah’s Kalm Down Mask. While your mask is doing it’s work, apply a moisturizing lotion to your body. (Another long time favourite of mine is the Skoah’s buttery Soft Love Body Kream).

Step 5. Complete the Experience. Rinse off the mask, and apply your nightly skincare products. If you want to be extra indulgent you can treat your face to a sleeping mask (a treatment mask that is meant to be left on overnight). Slip into your comfiest attire, pour yourself a cup of soothing herbal tea and hop into bed with a great book, or your current Netflix addiction. I like to put on my nebulizer with relaxing diffuser blend to keep the spa like atmosphere going. (Never heard of a nebulizer? Their pretty much the greatest thing since gel nail polish. Follow this link to learn more!).


From here slip into a satisfying slumber and awaken refreshed! Although my at home pampering routine has changed quite a bit form the days of $1 hair masks, it is still just as relaxing.What are your self-care rituals? Any great product recommendations? Fill me in.


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