Bringing the Spa Home

Anyone who knows me knows I have major love for the spa. I have my tried and true favourites in Vancouver, but I also love exploring the latest and greatest spas on vacation or when travelling. A visit to the spa is often the highlight of my trip! However, we all know that hitting the spa can require serious funds. With a facial costing upwards of $100 plus tip this… View Post

Skin Care: Back to Basics

Skincare! I could seriously talk about it all day long. Honestly, if I could be anything, and time and money were no object, I would probably be a cosmetic dermatologist. My interest in skin and skincare was probably sparked by the fact my never ending quest to better my own skin. Since I can remember, I have struggled with acne. I can remember seeing a dermatologist for the first time… View Post

Spreading the Love

Valentine’s Day,  a holiday simultaneously loved and hated by so many. I must admit, I typically feel quite “meh” about Valentine’s Day. However, the Hallmark holiday has started to grow on me. I often hear people argue that Valentine’s Day is silly since “shouldn’t you show your love everyday?” I agree that making your loved ones feel appreciated everyday is important, but in today’s busy world lets be honest, how… View Post

Nuts about Nut Milk

I have been drinking almond milk for a while now, usually in my smoothies or coffee. I don’t follow a dairy free diet but since I have been on a bit of a weight loss kick lately, I have swapped out my usual skim milk for almond milk, since it is much lower in calories (especially if you get the unflavoured and unsweetened type). I had heard of people making their… View Post

Popping the Question

This year on Christmas Eve I got a very exciting Christmas present. I got engaged! The proposal was perfect, just us, in a beautiful setting and a complete surprise. This got me thinking about how to pop the question to some other very special people in my life. I knew who my bridesmaids would be  right away and I couldn’t wait to ask them. However, I wanted them to really… View Post