Pumpkin Spice Coffee

First off, Happy National Coffee Day to my fellow coffee-lovers out there! As if we needed a national day to celebrate everyone’s favourite beverage (okay, other than wine). It wasn’t until I went to nursing school that I developed a full blown coffee addiction. Getting up at the crack of dawn and dealing with things bodily fluids , that should not be mentioned here, will do that to you! Since then, my… View Post

Ace Your Base

As we bid summer adieu and say hello to fall (tear), new makeup trends will come and go, but a flawless complexion will always be on trend.  Soft, glowing skin is truly timeless. I seem to be on an endless quest to find the holy grail of foundations, concealers and powders. Although I never stick with one product for long (not because they aren’t great but because I am always down… View Post

Peach and Blackberry Pie

I thought it would be appropriate to make my first official re-launch post a food post seeing as food is a bit of an obsession for me. Furthermore, peach pie is probably my all time favourite dessert. Something about juicy peaches and flaky pie crust just says summer to me. With summer is drawing to a close (insert tearful emoji here) and peach season wrapping up I figured that there… View Post

Bringing the Spa Home

Anyone who knows me knows I have major love for the spa. I have my tried and true favourites in Vancouver, but I also love exploring the latest and greatest spas on vacation or when travelling. A visit to the spa is often the highlight of my trip! However, we all know that hitting the spa can require serious funds. With a facial costing upwards of $100 plus tip this… View Post

Skin Care: Back to Basics

Skincare! I could seriously talk about it all day long. Honestly, if I could be anything, and time and money were no object, I would probably be a cosmetic dermatologist. My interest in skin and skincare was probably sparked by the fact my never ending quest to better my own skin. Since I can remember, I have struggled with acne. I can remember seeing a dermatologist for the first time… View Post