Blushing Gimlet

Chick Flick and Ice Cream Day. Raised Expectations Day. Okay Fine I’ll Try Match Day. Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. No matter what your feelings are towards the 14th of February, I’m certain this cocktail will make your day a little bit sweeter. This ‘Blushing Gimlet’ is inspired by a cocktail I recently had and fell in love with. Herbaceous rosemary perfectly complements refreshing… View Post

Christmas Time is Here

I have a confession to make. I’m one of those annoying people that starts listening to Christmas music on November 1st and secretly loves it when the decorations at the mall go up at Halloween. Even with all my love for Christmas, I can’t believe it’s just two weeks away. This year has been an especially busy one, filled with change. It seems, that with every passing year, Christmas sneaks up… View Post

Pom-Pom Basket DIY

I have been loving the natural look of seagrass baskets lately, especially these Vietnamese “belly baskets”, as they are called. One thing  have not been loving is the price tag on some of them. When I found these plain baskets at IKEA at a very economical $12.99, I knew I had to pick one up. A few strokes of white paint and the addition of matching white pom-poms adds a fun… View Post

Harvest Tablescape

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favourite holidays (it’s second to Christmas for me)! My parents generally host our family plus my Aunt, Uncle and cousins for Thanksgiving, so the house is always full and the post-turkey food coma is real. Growing up, my Mom always took great pride in her holiday table decor, usually setting it up days in advance of the big meal. Why not enjoy your… View Post

Pumpkin Spice Coffee

First off, Happy National Coffee Day to my fellow coffee-lovers out there! As if we needed a national day to celebrate everyone’s favourite beverage (okay, other than wine). It wasn’t until I went to nursing school that I developed a full blown coffee addiction. Getting up at the crack of dawn and dealing with things bodily fluids , that should not be mentioned here, will do that to you! Since then, my… View Post